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Rosalie Trades Shower Art for a Cardboard Cutout of Herself

Traded With: 
Ariane's Awesome Sauce Packaging
Ariane's Awesome Sauce Packaging

At first I had no idea what to take out of The Sauce in order to get my Shower Art in the mix for Lynn to trade me for it.

And then it hit me -- at the moment when I actually looked at the items available for trade -- I should trade for the cardboard cutout of...myself.

The reasons are five-fold.

  1. This may inspire Ariane to ACTUALLY SEND ME THE CARDBOARD CUTOUT. Eh, hem.
  2. This will provide safety and security for the cardboard cutout of myself instead of trading it away to some stranger on craigslist (no offense intended to the craigslist community, but some of you are nuts. ie. the man who sends me trade offers for something he calls his "butt cheese".)
  3. In my opinion, you can never have enough Rosalies. This is not a widespread, or popular opinion. Many, in fact, would dispute it to the bitter end. ie. my office-mates, my husband, the three people who have unsubscribed from the bARTer Sauce newsletter list (Camy Lynn, Heidi and Andy) and my friends and family.
  4. I'll get to take a picture of me trading for myself.
  5. This may inspire Ariane to ACTUALLY SEND ME THE CARDBOARD CUTOUT. Eh, hem.


Ariane emailed me a week or so ago, apologizing profusely because the package with the cardboard cutout had been in her car and - dum dum dum - her car just got stolen!

Holy Crap!

She offered to even make me a new cardboard cutout, but I told her no worries...since I had traded my shower art for it anyway it didn't really matter. I mean, I have the real thing so I have less need for a cardboard cutout version.


Yesterday, I was sitting in my jammies, blogging about something mindless presumably, when there came a knock on my door.

It was the postman.

And he was holding a package that could ONLY have come from Ariane (see large mouth on return address section and weird picture of child eating hot dog or something gross on the front). So I had to wonder, did she get her car back, or was the thief kind enough to mail her package?

The only way to find the answers to these questions was to email Ariane. And here it is, the email:

from: me


body: because I got something in the mail!

from: ariane

reply: "What, you missed my enthralling myspace post??? It’s ok, so did everyone else.

Yes! I DID find my car, yes me, not the police, it was parked at a tattoo shop not far from where it was stolen. I think it really wanted to get a tattoo, but there just wasn’t enough change between the seats. I have no idea. Nothing was stolen, nothing damaged, and I think they even put gas in it!? I the second thing I did after filling out the police report was mail cardboard Rosalie, which is when it dawned on me, maybe she wanted a tattoo and stole the car??? You might want to check her over for fresh ink."

I mailed her a copy of her Barbie Monster Fish trading card to make up for not reading her blog. Although, when she mentioned it, it did sound familiar. I know I have a bad memory. I know that. But do you really think that I could have read about her getting her car back and not have the foggiest memory of it when I got her package?

Could that really happen?