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Mark gives me his Crow Cannon and a Self Portrait in exchange for the Monkey Shelf and the Ed Sullivan Collage

Traded With: 
bARTer Sauce Trade
bARTer Sauce Trade

My most recent trade was with Mark. He's nice. So is his wife, Sandy. He wanted the Monkey shelf and the Ed Sullivan collage.

Mark traded me something called a Crow Cannon and a self portrait that he painted.

I was able to verify with his wife that he really did think it was a good idea to smash two pieces of wood together at 6am to scare away the crows. I think she is right that the crow cannon was more annoying than the crows.

Doug and I decided to make it a Hot Girls Falling Down Cannon until I trade it to someone. We live above Kell's in Post Alley and the drunk hot girls sure do make a lot of noise at 2am. Good thing we have our new device! I hope they fall down. Oh please, oh please, let them fall down!