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Betsy Trades me Jar Grandma for Teeny Tiny Landscape Painted on a Pill

Traded With: 
Two women, one dressed liked a lesbian farmer
Betsy, helping me get dressed on the street.
Rosalie admiring the skirt Betsy made her.

Some of you - those who pay close attention and have magical psychic powers - may remember Betsy as the creator of the only skirt in existance to have caused a fight at the Punk Rock Flea Market.

Summary: My friend Sara bought a skirt for $5 that should have been mine and I got mad.

Read Sara's side of the story as well as my side ( I refer to my side as "The Truth").

Well, Betsy made that skirt. And here is Betsy's side of the story. A trilogy of skirtfluffle stories to bore you to sleep tonight. You can thank me later.

"A couple of years ago, I quit all of my jobs and drew up a bunch of patterns and tried to launch a clothing line. I learned soooo much, like never hire someone in Olympia to sew your clothes for you because she may just abscond with your fabric and return only a single unfinished sample to you. In fact, after you finish the sample, it may follow you around but be difficult to sell because it doesn't have all of the others that are supposed to sit beside it gussy-ing up a rack. Anyway, I moved into a tiny cabin made of cookies and decided it was finally time, once and for all, to get rid of this reminder of a business move gone wrong. So I put the thing on sale for $5. Even at $5 I wasn't totally sure it would find a home because, through my eyes, it looked like 10 lost skirts and not 1 happy swingin' single skirt.

At the Punk Rock Flea Market the cocoa puffs hit the microwave and everyone decided at once that they love the skirt and must have it but it gets swept up by the quickest to pull out their fiver. And that wasn't Rosalie. I had no idea that skirt would cause such a point of poppy talking between 2 of my favorite ladies miss sara and miss rosalie but I'm glad that both have a version of the skirt now after wheelins and dealins and barters of the highest caliber. AND I'm glad to report that this time around I was kind of proud of the pattern and liked the skirt even though it was a whole big problemo before. Thanks Rosalie and Sara for the most complete and vivid skirt therapy I have ever had."

Betsy was also kind enough to tolerate some of my "interview questions:"

Q. How did you get to be so cute?
A. By eating gumdrops, of course!

Q. What's your dog's name?
A. I'm a fan of multiple names for everything so we call her: Otter, Otter Dog, Otter Pop, Otter Bot, Cantaloupe Butt, Little Girl, Pupper Dup, Dupper Wup, The Duppers, and Filthy Doggy Wog

Q. What's your place like?
A. I live in a cabin so small that when I'm ironing I can't help but also iron myself. But it's adorable. It could be made of cookie. And it's near the beach and it is jam packed with vintage stuff and art supply goodies. It's pretty idyllic, besides not having much room to spread out, so I am quite lucky.

Q. What if people want to read your blog?
A. Go here: