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Dear peoples who clicked on the link that says "Advertising" back there,

Here's what you will learn on this page:

  • The meaning of life.
  • How to Advertise on bARTer Sauce
  • That your butt stinks.

#1: The Meaning of life:

  • Do stuff instead of gathering stuff.
  • Always keep in mind that everything is meaningless.
  • Your butt stinks.

#2 How to Advertise on bARTer Sauce:

  • First and foremost - you must have traded with The Sauce in order to advertise on The Sauce.
  • Specs: (that's short for specifications) 150x150 px .jpg or .gif image.
  • Cost: $50 per year (yes - that is correct - PER YEAR).
  • If you would like to place an ad, email me at with the correctly sized file (seriously) and I'll send you a Paypal invoice for the $50.

If you are a large corporation who wants to advertise on my site so they can reach all the cool people- (or if you are a weird guy who sells sauces on his website who doesn't quite understand what I'm doing here but doesn't let that disuade him from contacting me every month or two to see if he can sell my sauces on his site) - please understand that you're not my first priority. I will however, probably allow you to purchase advertising but it is going to cost way more than $50/year. Contact me and we'll create a package tailored specifically for you (and yes, you'll be paying extra for the "tailored" part too).

#3 Your Butt Stinks:

It does. Ask anyone.