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Will Ferrell

Original Owner: 
Will Ferrell

For some reason, Sean has decided that he wants all the bARTer Sauce stuffs to be his own.

So he spent one whole Saturday night fiendishly scheming and writing trade offer after trade offer.

Here is one of them....

Sean's trade offer:

After completing my first two paintings I began to gain confidence, skill - not so much - but confidence in my work.

So i decided to do what i do best. Mimick pop culture. Will Ferrell funny man of the time. Still on SNL. Rockin' it big time. He appeared at, I believe an MTV award show in the outfit painted here. I enjoyed it so much that i took the few snapshots I could find of the red carpet bit of him and made a montage collage of them in one glorious painting.

You too can now own this wondrous masterpiece and make it your own. It's a catch if i do say so myself.