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Original Owner: 
Art Car

Kelly's story:

"The TOYLET was spawned by a 'decorate a comode' contest at SEATTLE Second Use, (if you haven't been, you should. It's a very cool shop near the South Seattle dump that has salvaged building supplies - even some antique ones - for more reasonable prices than similar venues). OK, enough with the ad. The point being, I was trying to think of a theme, when I passed a yard sale (I'm always stopping to scrounge stuff for my Artcars).That sale was on it's last day and very picked over but there were giant moving boxes filled with toys marked "FREE." Bingo, a concept is born.

My artwork is often based on Visual Puns (ie: MICE-KRISPIES, FRENCH'S MOUSETARD, LAY'S POTATO CHIP-MUNKS, SPAMSTER, etc.), so TOY-LET was a no-brainer. I won a prize, but now the sucker takes up some valued real-estate in my art studio. so when the chance came to trade up for Paris & Pooch (& somehow that women fits the Toilet theme beautfully w/ all her crap & her potty mouth), this was one of my 'offers'. And there's even a small surprise inside..."

Note from The Sauce: Okay, normally I just let the person tell their story and I don't comment...much.

Okay, that's probably a lie.

But anyway, I just wanted you to know that the first 15 times I read this, I thought Kelly was talking about ME when she said, "women fits the Toilet theme beautfully w/ all her crap & her potty mouth..." but now I get that she's talking about Paris Hilton.

Perhaps I should have kept that to myself.

p.s. The small surprise inside the Toylet -- I'm, uh, not really excited to see what that is. But if it were me, I think it might be filled wih Tootsie Rolls (the toy version of doodie).

DUDE!  When we moved into

DUDE!  When we moved into this apartment a little over a year ago, the landlord was so proud of the new toilet he'd installed.  Not being a huge fan of my landlord, I feel that I should enhance our latrine much to this same effect....Who doesn't want a bunch of toys keeping them company when they poop or puke?