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Super Bright Kisses

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Super Bright Kisses

Laura's story about Super Bright Kisses:

Once upon a time I spent my days slowing dying between cubicle walls of a downtown high rise.

One of my cubicle neighbors would later become the creator of this painting.

She sat near me for quite some time before we bonded over a dislike for a fellow co-worker.

We realized many things in common and had years of friendship; practicing yoga, going out to eat, watching poetry slams, general bitching.

Her creative medium was self-taught use of oil pastels applied to canvas.

When I got married she made this painting for my husband and me as a wedding present.

The gift of something handmade is a powerful one.
The energy involved in the process is the true gift.
That was 2002.

Four years ago was the last time I spoke to this friend.
She called the morning of my baby shower to say that she was not feeling well and unable to attend.

I think we played one round of phone tag in the months to follow, but it was obviously the end of the friendship.

The energy of this handmade wall piece has since faded, leaving behind the true colors on the canvas which have not faded but become more pronounced.

The colors I see now are no longer pleasing to my eye and therefore must be traded.

<<the new piece I traded for: my husband says, "well at least it's smaller">>

I really love this

I really love this piece............tee

Awh moops (major poops), I

Awh moops (major poops), I just mailed it off to another trader yesterday. Moops!