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Stuffed Dooky Kiss

Original Owner: 
Dooky Kiss

Temple's Story that came with 'Stuffed Dooky Kiss':

Once upon a time, I lit a belt on fire because I was convinced it was the snake in the Garden of Eden.

Now, the massive amounts of "candy" I'd ingested earlier in the day might have had something to do with it. Starting the fire two feet from my friend's fireplace in the middle of his bedroom floor was not the coolest thing I've ever done for my friends, nor was it a shining moment of personal glory. I blame the millions of rave flyers he had decorating his walls in a giant yin/yang symbol. It was because of this one image of Moses taking his people across the desert that my mind started spinning on Bible stories.....and somehow, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to recreate the fires of creation as my own personal version of Eve since I too had mitochondrial DNA from before recorded time.

I swear.

We are all just giant space ships for those mitochondria.