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Punked Up Nuns

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Punk'd Up Nuns
Punk'd Up Nuns
Punk'd Up Nuns
Punk'd Up Nuns

Gary's Story about Punked Up Nuns:

On their way driving home from a conference on clean living and the modern woman, Mother Superior and a few of her sisters decided to take a shortcut through a Reservation and save the Pagan babies before heading back to Seattle.

Unfortunately the Reservation they chose to convert was the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

After a long bout of recovery at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Cancer recovery ward and coffee bar, they were released back into the world. They had their scars from the many hours of radiation and chemo therapy, but at least they survived.
This is a set of 4 vinyl nuns originally purchased from Archie McPhees for a 13 nun art project. The project was abandoned, and the nuns have been collecting dust in my garage. Mother Superior's book of worship has three messages, while the sisters are blank, since they have to be told what to believe.

The messages are:

Originally all 4 nuns were punk'd altered and painted, but over the last few year only Mother Superior and Sister Dreadlocks have retained their alterations. Sister Mary Elephant lost her elephant face, and Sister Mary Lobster lost her claws. Mother Superior lost the two baby arms out the top of her head.

All of the sisters still retain the pinstriped crosses on their backs, and Mother Superior has two baby arms in prayer sticking out of her back.

They are not life size, and a tube of Silicone is in the photo for a size reference.

If Mary Elephant's trunk, Mother Superior's other baby arms, or Mary Lobster's claws turn up before the trade is made, then I glue them on again, with a stronger adhesive.