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Mythical Truck Stop Sign

Tok Tesoro Truck Stop

Hmmm. yeah, there's no trade history for this item because Jason never sent it.

Yeah, he almost ruined bARTer Sauce just like he ruined Christmas in 2003. Yeah, you did Jason. You know you did. We all know it. Well, those of us who were there. Which was about ten people. Yeah, about ten people know it.

Here's Jason (Christmas-Killer's) story:

"It's an old school sign from here in Tok. Back in theday, I was probably 6 or 7, my parents opened a restaraunt at the establishment where this sign was hanging. I believe the restaraunt was called, "The Big Dipper Cafe". They hung their Big Dipper sign in place of this one and the rest is history.

This sign sat in my Mom's back yard for 10-15 years and somehow didn't get broken or even faded. When I moved back up here she asked me to throw away all the useless shit she'd accumulated over the years. I grabbed this for my personal stash and have managed to hang on to it for a little while. Thing is, everytime I move I have to take the sign w/me and I get the feeling that next time it's not gonna make it. It'll either get broken or thrown away or something... So, I'd be more than happy to mix it in with The Sauce. I think I could probably package it up so it'd make it down to Seattle without breaking... it's either fiberglass or plastic."

I still haven't received my Truck Stop Sign from my friend Jason in Tok, Alaska. He's told me several times that he mailed it. He lies. Then he moved to a bigger town in Alaska and said he would be able to ship it from there. We just got in touch again and he says now that he will not only send the sign (which he left in the other town when he moved -- but someone is bringing to him -- uh-huh) but also include some presents for me to make up for ruining Christmas at my house in 2003 and for ruining my bARTer Sauce trade with him. We'll just see about that. Jason, you're on notice. Who are we kidding, you've been on notice since 1999.

September, 2007, I still have not received the truck stop sign from Jason. And now his emails bounce back. You can stil make an offer on this item if you would like. Maybe someday I'll actually receive it. In the meantime, I will think of something horrible I can do to Jason every time I receive a trade offer for this item. Perhaps each time, I will again, tell the story of how he ruined Chrismas in 2003, or perhaps I will make public the accidental myspace messages I received from him because I was listed first in his contact list and he kept sending me sexy messages meant for some other girl. Yes, maybe I will make those public. Do you hear me Jason, SEND THE *$(#*$*#%ING SIGN.