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Jar Grandma

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Jar Grandma

Betsy's Story About Jar Grandma:

My grandma lived her entire life never knowing she had a sister. But she did, her sister was just buried deep within her. Upon her death, her small, half-formed twin sister was found! Nestled, justly, very close to her heart.

My family entrusted me with my grandmar's sister, which I entrusted to a mayonnaise jar. I wanted her to really be able to see the world, you know, like she was unable to do in life. So here she lives, in eternity, in this mayonnaise jar.

Please help my grandmother's internal sister see the world, be it posthumously, by letting her travel to your house, and then maybe on to someone else's house, perhaps to a donation bin for a local charity and so on, and so on.

It's the nicest rest I can think of giving the corpse of my Grandma's fake, never-born twin sister.