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Hairy Lady

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Hairy Lady
Hairy Lady

Jen's Story about Hairy Lady:

It was love at first sight when I saw PigFace, but didn't have anything to offer until now.

A friend just gave me these two drawings that he made. The first is a naked women's body who looks like she has hair everywhere except her arms. The second very well could be her head. She has what appears to be strange sideburns.

Maybe I should be more appreciative of this lovely gift, it was the thought that counts, right?

I asked Jen to tell me a story about getting into trouble as a kid:

The only real story about getting into trouble that I can think of is the time I got my first real spanking that I can remember. My brother and I were hanging around the Cowlitz River while my dad Salmon fished and we found some beer bottles (empty) and my brother dared me to break it against this rock, which I did and it made this terrifically loud sound that turned heads from all the men fishing. My dad was livid. I later became a park ranger and spent many times picking up broken beer bottles and cans from campsites. So it all worked out.