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Cyber-Donkey 3000

Original Owner: 
CyberDonkey 3000
CyberDonkey 3000
CyberDonkey 3000

Will's Story that came with Cyber-Donkey 3000:

My job sucks. It sucks the most and it's boring and filled with emptiness much like the joy or satisfaction I take from doing (or not doing) my job. In the midst of this emptiness enters Cyber-Donk 3000. A rubbery plasticky donkey that I found lying around the engineering lab one day and had the genius idea to fill my utter senseless and empty work existence with a project. We can make it stronger, better, faster, more filled with blinky lights and useless pieces of hardware.

I had an engineering lab full of bits and pieces and cell phones at my disposal. I spent weeks scrounging the best spare parts and coming up with awesome design ideas and finally, the culmination of my weeks of work took place in my garage during a long weekend. Hours were spent goofing with circuits and connections. Soldering irons work very well for cutting rubbery donkeys, however, beware the molten rubber splashback. By the end of it I was covered in Cyber-Donk entrails, but he worked. He was alive. Birth of the Cyber-Donk 3000. I brought him back to work and showed him off to the other nerds. They flipped his oversized switch and reveled in the idea that I had made a battery compartment and had internal batteries in a rubber donkey.

It was amazing for about 3 days, then Cyber-Donk 3000 died hard. Battery failure due to a short. The battery compartment was a bit ill conceived. In my shortsightedness I had made the battery nearly impossible to change, so alterations were made. he was attached to a cell phone battery that was easily recharged and everything was wonderful again. Then came the smoke. A local nerd crossed some wires while goofing around with the Donk and blew out his LED's. Now he's dead or dormant, waiting for the chance to come back to life or just happy looking like the fucking coolest rubber donkey ever. EVER!!!


Get out of my head cyberdonkey!

Yes, yes, that's right...

tire yourself out making comments. Then maybe you won't be able to think about how you're BANNED until September 1st.

I don't need you!

I can quit anytime!  Really!

cyberdonkey - I can has him?

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cyberdonkey - I can has him? I can send you a drawing of tapdancing cat?

Post a picture of your tap

Post a picture of your tap dancing cat drawing and tell me a story (about anything) and you probably can has cyberdonk.
Only time will tell.