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Box of Regrets

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The Box of Regrets
The Box of Regrets
The Box of Regrets

Jessamyn's Story that came with the Box of Regrets:

To use the regrets box, one simply writes down things one regrets and puts them in the box to HIDE ONE'S SHAME FROM THE WORLD.

I put two regrets in it.

This is one of them:

I regret going to see my friend's burlesque show by myself. It started at 11, not 10 as I had thought, so I sat nervously at the bar for an hour and drank as quickly as possible. This resulted in me having more drinks than was optimal, and thereby being convinced by a fellow from the upper peninsula (the U.P.) of Michigan--a yooper, if you will-- that Jager shots were a good idea. Jager shots are NEVER a good idea. I also regret that upon stumbling home that night I discovered an unfamiliar lady puking in my toilet, forcing me to put my puking plans on hold. Til the next morning.