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found art

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Nik Trades me Tattooed Vintage Farting Duck for Two Red Screamers

Nik or Vanilla Ice?

Nik offered me this Vintage Farting Duck that was very cool in its own right but I asked him to tattoo it for me.

I'm glad I did. It was cool before but now it's freaking awesome. It also proves that I can make Nik do some things....maybe not anything...but at least some things.

Sara Trades Me "Two Red Screamers" for "Mona Didn't Need Bling"

Sara and Rosalie - the skirt controversy finally over.

Sara showed up at the May First Thursday art walk with a surprise trade for me.

Seeing her brought back all kinds of memories. Let me tell you about the last time I saw Sara:

Dangerine Trades Me Finding Lost Memories for Abandond Artist Sketchbook

Dangerine and the abandoned artist sketch book
Dangerine and a hat
Abandoned Artist Sketch Book (post remix by Dangerine)
Abandoned Artist Sketch Book (post remix by Dangerine)

I got the awesome Dangerine shadow box the other day along with an email from her that said he and Nik have been working on their next Sauce trades.

I can't wait!

I should also mention that she is one of only two or three people who have actually supplied the 14 or so different ways to contact them that I request with each bARTer Sauce trade. She's detail oriented. That's for sure. TEACH ME!

She was kind enough to answer my dumb questions and also tell me the dumbest thing Nik has ever done. he he he

Tim Trades me an Abandoned Artists' Sketch Book for the Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl with Ceramic Chips

Abandoned Artists Sketch Book in bARTer Sauce
Man Holding A Picture Of A Naked Woman

Tim came by First Thursday on 12/6 and read about bARTer Sauce.

He lives in the area and said he always finds cool artistey stuff abandoned in his building. He left and came back a bit later with this artists sketch book as a trade. How great is that? He picked out the ceramic chip and dip bowl complete with ceramic chips. Good taste too!

Anonymous Donor Trades me a Credit Card Costume for Turntables

bARTer Sauce Live On Stage Trade
bARTer Sauce Live On Stage Trade



I did another trade live, onstage at Laffhole on 10/10/07. Those guys are so much fun.

This anonymous donor came by and offered me this expired credit card costume. S/he was the crowd favorite - is it because of the costume? Sexy credit card legs? Her/His good credit? The dance s/he did while wearing it?

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