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Ariane Jimison

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The Altered Barbie Art Show

The Altered Barbie Art Show
The Altered Barbie Art Show
The Altered Barbie Art Show

The focus of Altered Barbie is based on Barbie and her dream world. Love her or hate her she’s here to stay, and she means different things to different people. We have over 40 works from amazing artists all around the area who show us what Barbie does for them. Everything from paintings to sewing, to sculptural art all with Barbie as the muse.

bARTer Sauce trader, Ariane Jimison's Barbie Fish Monster piece is a part of the show. If you want to see it in person - now is the time.

Blue Raygun

Original Owner: 
Ceramic Ray Gun

Ariane's Story that came with the Ray Gun:

Shoot your TV. Or the person standing in front of the TV. Or just hold this in your hot little hand, and feel all powerful. That's what it does for me. I just made another one, so I will not feel powerless without this.

Hugs for Jesus Creature Statue

Original Owner: 
Hugs for Jesus Statue
Hugs for Jesus Statue
Hugs for Jesus Statue
Hugs for Jesus Statue
Hugs for Jesus Statue

Ariane's Story about Hugs for Jesus:

I teach college ceramics. That's all you need to know about that. During my first semester of teaching one of my students (Let's call him "Justin") made an entire "Hugs For Jesus" series. Nothing in the series had anything to do with hugs, or Jesus, except they all said "Hugs For Jesus" on them somewhere.

Ariane Trades Me Hugs for Jesus Statue for Butt Drawing

Ariane on bARTer Sauce
Ariane on bARTer Sauce

Ariane was kind enough to endure some of my "interview" questions since we did this trade through the mail.

Please enjoy getting to know her a little better and also -- live in wonder as to why she will not tell me what kind of sandwiches are her favorite. It makes no sense.

Q. How did you meet your girlfriend?

Ariane Trades me My Own Private Rosalie for some Vintage Cigarette Coupons

A Cardboard Woman Out "Trick Or Treating"

Okay, so I haven't exactly GOTTEN my own private Rosalie yet

(eh.hem.Ariane -- just kidding!) but I did finally manage to muster up the gumption (did I just say gumption? I'm not feeling well) to mail off her vintage cigarette coupons. There's not much I can say about these trades that happen through the mail. I feel somewhat....oh, I don't know...let down?

Here's what I propose.

Ariane: when/if you read this, post a comment that is a piece of information we wouldn't know about you. Something interesting.

Your Own Private Rosalie

Original Owner: 
A Cardobard Woman Enjoying A Meal Of Unicorn Steaks
Cardboard Woman Making Pottery While Wearing A "Throw Naked" T-Shirt
A Cardboard Woman Playing Pinball
A Cardboard Woman Painting
A Cardboard Woman Wearing A Blue Mouse Mask
A Cardboard Woman With A Tambourine and Maracas
Cardboard Woman Drinking A Glass Of Red Wine
A Cardboard Woman Drinking Red Wine And Making A Rude Gesture
A Cardboard Woman Drinking Wine Straight From The Bottle

Ariane's Story about Cardboard Cutout Rosalie

I made this Cardboard Rosalie Cutout so that I could trade my Barbie Monster Fish with her for a piece from the Museum of Bad Art which I use to commemorate my grandma's late cat, Tiger. Since I made it, people have danced with it, marveled at it, and looked at me like I was crazy. I am. And so am I.

I also like cigarettes. I don't smoke them very much, but I look really cool when I'm holding one.

Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl....with Ceramic Chips

Original Owner: 
Ceramin Bowl With Ceramic Chips

Ariane's story about the Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl...with Ceramic Chips:

I just took this off the roof of the art center where I work, that's where we keep the ceramic stuff nobody picks up after pottery classes.

Ariane sends me Ceramic Chip and Dip Bowl (with ceramic chips included) for the Lawn Cat Thing

Holla When You Get This
Shake Me I Sound Broken

I was supposed to mail Ariane's Lawn Cat days ago.

Weeks ago.

But I had that post-office-phobia again. The one where I pretend to be afraid of the post office because I don't feel like going. But once I had Ariane's package, Sean's package and three orders for Shower Art, I knew the time had come. I could no longer put off the inevitable.

Barbie Fish Monster

Original Owner: 
Saddam Hussein Rinding A Pink Fish That Has A Barbie Head In Its Mouth

Ariane's Story about Barbie Monster Fish:

"Barbie Monster Fish" [is] a sculpture I made for multiple reasons, but mostly there was a fiberglass fish class that was short on participants so I took it, and people were making really crazy shit out of fiberglass fish forms and I was feeling competitive. And fat.

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